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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Mermaid's Pendant 4. At times lyrical, this novel is a fantastic journey filled with magic, myth, romance, and adventure. Four years after John Wilkerson claims the mermaid Tamarind for his wife, they have an idyllic marriage that depends on a talisman that she crafted on their island paradise. But Tamarind learns a painful truth: When the talisman breaks, she and John are forced to rely on themselves instead of magic.

Valerie, an expat jewelry maker cum fairy godmother, works her own magic to bring them together. Lucy, their widowed neighbor, grounds the couple in the realities of marriage, parenting, and family. Paperback , pages. Caribbean Massachusetts United States. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Mermaid's Pendant , please sign up. Where does this fit in with the rest of the series? What is this book about? See 2 questions about The Mermaid's Pendant…. Lists with This Book. Apr 06, Dan Porter rated it liked it Shelves: When my older daughter was about four years old, she had Ariel pajamas that she would have worn everywhere if we'd let her. The first half of the book is a retelling of the familiar fairy tale from an adult perspective. The prince is replaced by a computer science doctoral student named John.

The mermaid's name is Tamarind When my older daughter was about four years old, she had Ariel pajamas that she would have worn everywhere if we'd let her. The mermaid's name is Tamarind but she's still the somewhat ethereal beauty who's almost totally clueless about humans and their inscrutable ways. A "midwife" named Anna, who creates potions and elixirs from what the sea provides as she wanders about her island home, assumes the role of the sea witch.

Valerie, a maker and seller of jewelry, befriends Tamarind in her human form and incorporates aspects of Flounder, Scuttle, and Sebastian from the Disney movie. The first half of the book predictably ends with the marriage of John and Tamarind but instead of the "happily ever after" end of a fairy tale, we're led to the second half by Anna's sinister admonition as they fly off to Pittsburgh that, "You'll be back, young one.

The Mermaid's Pendant Series

Mark my words - you'll be back. The first few years of their relationship are sustained by the magic that helped bring Tamarind and John together. As the demands of jobs and children and houses and moves chip away at the magic, John and Tamarind lose the ability to "hear" each other's thoughts. Tamarind begins to doubt her relationship with John, but because she is still unfamiliar with much about her humanness and because Anna is actively trying to separate them through her potions and spells, she withdraws into herself.

John, in his turn, becomes so immersed in work that he barely notices that his marriage is beginning to crumble around him. When they move to Boston their new neighbor, Lucy, befriends them. Lucy, who is herself still trying to come to grips with her late husband's decades-old infidelity, becomes the catalyst for the revival of John and Tamarind's relationship by learning how damaging unforgiveness can be in a person's life. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover.

The Mermaid's Pendant

The characters are so well developed that I often found myself talking to them - generally along the lines of "Ah. Don't do that you idiot. The magic of fairy tales is a major part of the book but it feels natural and its use in the metaphors for how to make relationships strong is excellent. This is a great fairy tale that takes us beyond happily-ever-after to the real world, where love and relationships have to struggle against everyday life and can't depend on magic to survive.

View all 10 comments. Jul 02, Kate rated it liked it Shelves: When Tamarind gazed at and wondered about humans, she felt a pull. A tug at her emotions that told her there was something big she was missing out on. It was something big alright, maybe just not what she was truly looking for. If left to Mother Sea, his fate most certainly would be death. Choosing to rescue this unknown; Tamarind marvels at the feel of his skin, the heat of his breath, even the look of his strange feet.

She must leave at once! Later, she feels she simply must find this man and learn more about him. There is something inside of her telling her that this human is meant to be a part of her. With the naivety of the young, Tamarind follows her heart. She chooses to walk among the humans, to take this adventure to its end. John, a tech savvy self-proclaimed geek has fallen for the girl who saved his life.

She haunts his dreams, enters his every thought. Her fiery-red, untamed hair is all he can think about.

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The locals tease him; tell him that maybe his mystery gal is a mermaid. He scoffs at the idea, believing that they are simply poking fun at the gringo. Imagine being thrust into a world so foreign to you that you choose to simply go blindly, trusting that your Goddess will protect you. But, your life as a mer; your total lack of comprehension when it comes to human emotions, only serves to help stack the cards against you.

Then, your Goddess becomes broken. Your faith walks a fine line and you are teetering towards total defeat. How do you pick up the pieces and keep your family together? What do you do when you fear your husband has turned to the arms of another? LeAnn Neal Reilly will take readers on an unusual journey. On one hand you will admire this character, or that one, while on the other you are never completely certain of his or her intentions. Is she really looking out for Tamarinds best interests? Or, is she out only for herself?

Looking to gain whatever she can from the former mer? Visit Culebra and experience an island fantasy. Then, visit Cheltham and experience real life as a wife and mother. Aug 13, Bobby rated it liked it. I find great potential in this novel, both for the new author and the story. Le Ann Reilly interprets the Disney version of a Hans Christian Anderson beloved classic into her own "modern fairy tale. I understood her intent, however her lessons were lost in over I find great potential in this novel, both for the new author and the story.

I understood her intent, however her lessons were lost in over telling, lengthy description of events rather than character building, but mostly in over emphasis on the dark to the detriment of her story. I wanted to know more about the mermaid's story, her adjustment to daily life and her growing maturity and comprehension of what it means to be human and the roller coaster of true love. This was buried within a soap opera of occurrences surrounding the mermaid, her friends, and family and extreme adolescent behaviors of all.

I saw the complexity of the story intended and the multiple dimensions of all of the characters, both the heroes and villains none are distinctly bad or good and all have complex motivations for their behaviors. I also found the settings and varied cultures to be well chosen and presented in a manner that allowed the reader to experience each whether a slow paced island, a money- oriented place of business, a well respected university, or a suburban neighborhood , lending a truly modern atmosphere.

I am looking forward to more to come from Le Ann Reilly. She obviously writes with love and great imagination. Apr 06, Amy Ludlam rated it really liked it. Life is about making hard choices and making sure that you do whatever it takes to see them through to the best of your ability. This is a wonderful story that takes the fantasy of a mermaid and weaves it seamlessly into a realistic life-story. The challenges facing Tamrind to make her journey possible consisted of family, friends and love that all worked against her. Once she overcame all of those issues through persistence and patience, she then had to learn to deal with the real world.

When we Life is about making hard choices and making sure that you do whatever it takes to see them through to the best of your ability. When we grow up, life changes always seem like moving into a brand new world, as when Tamrind went from her fairy-tale life to being a normal married woman.

The Legend of the Love Necklace

Once she made the leap, she then had to figure out how to make it work without all of her fading traces of mermaid life. Learning to trust and have faith is hard when your known world starts to fade away. She had help along the way from Lucy, who charges through a large amount of personal and family life issues while still maintaining her faith in the goodness of people. Tamrind finally learned that no one is perfect, but most people are trying to make life work the best way they know how and constantly finding reasons that make it all worthwhile. Apr 08, Valerie rated it it was ok Shelves: Really hard to get into.

Characters aren't very likable, and they do really frustrating things, like not commmunicating, which would solve most if not all their problems. I wouldn't have finished it, except I won the book, so felt I should, for the author.

Mermaid's Pendant

But it was well written, except for the slow slow slow beginning. Oct 19, Melissa rated it really liked it. The beginning of this book is a retold tale of The Little Mermaid. More the Disney version rather than the Grimm faerie tale. This telling is also set in the present time and John is no prince. In fact, he is flawed as much as any human being. Tamarind falls for John and is determined to be with him no matter the consequences of her decision. Ana, plays the sea witch well and she helps Tamarind transform herself into a human to be with John.

Ana's motives are not altruistic and her true price fo The beginning of this book is a retold tale of The Little Mermaid. Ana's motives are not altruistic and her true price for Tamarind's transformation is not given voice until Tamarind herself figures it out. However, to get to what Ana truly wants, she must get John out of the way. Ana's manipulations are tireless throughout the book. Luckily for the couple Valerie, a friend to both, also has a bit of magic which brings the couple together. Her magic is felt and seen in the form of a pendant as well as sage advice.

In the second half of this book we learn more of what happens "after" people ride off into the sunset. The mystical part is not gone as Ana still weaves her magic to come between the couple and their child, Sarah, has an outlook to life far beyond her young years. She meets a kind neighbor, Lucy, who has the wisdom of years to draw from. She becomes another rock Tamarind can cling to and find strength. Luckily Ana is unaware of this rock.

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As time goes by and things in marriage get complicated and misunderstandings abound, the couple's silence of things left unsaid become more powerful than any spell Ana can weave. However, questions still remain. Does Ana take advantage of this problem and win? Can the couple find their way back to each other? Will they learn that even though their beginning was the stuff of fairy tales it still takes work to make a relationship last?

You'll have to read the book to find out. I give this book 4 stars. The beginning was delightful. I enjoyed the retelling of The Little Mermaid. The second half, although very different, did fit with the first half of the book. It read more like a chick lit book as people learn about themselves and each other. My only complaint is John. I would like to see John to have given up more of his lifestyle for Tamarind. I would have liked to have seen him truly grasp the enormity of Tamarind's gift.

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In ways he certainly does, but some times I wanted to smack his head to make him see. Granted Tamarind didn't tell him, however she wasn't a human long and was used to reading another's mind. I did enjoy that John was flawed and not this mystical prince come to save the day sometimes that really annoys me , but I still would have like to have seen some sort of thought process that involved his wife more.

Jul 01, Jules rated it really liked it Shelves: I have always been a fan of the original tale of The Little Mermaid. It's a little grittier and "real" than the beloved Disney take on the story. It is darker, based more on the theme of love lost and sacrifice than of the happily-ever-after everyone associates with the title nowadays. This wonderful modern and updated version is closer to that first telling of the classic story. I must admit that I really didn't care for John in the beginning.

I thought he was full of himself, selfish, and promiscuous. He was technically cheating on two women for a while. Not my kind of man. I did warm up to him eventually. Name Once all of those steps have been completed, the player will be able to purchase the pendant from the Old Mariner following the next available rainy day. Trivia It is impossible to receive the Mermaid's Pendant in Winter, as it does not rain for the entirety of the season.

Divorce is available for 50'g from a book in Lewis's house. I bought the mermaid pendant but it disappeared from my backpack before I could use it. The man on the beach won't sell me another. I think you might have to start over. I would have simply exited the game before I slept that way I could simply start the day over. Snow is definitely not rain. Nazrin View Profile View Posts. Yeah you can't get it in Winter which is kind of a bummer, but then again, it'd probably be snowing heavily on your wedding day if that were the case which in real life I'd LOVE!

Just wait until Spring when it starts to rain head to the beach. Shmultzer View Profile View Posts. Wait him half winter and 11 days at spring, oh that good weather. Redbottom View Profile View Posts. There needs to be a mod for this. Having to wait for two and a half months for rain just so you can get married is dumb. Craft and use a Rain Totem. Originally posted by Sir Ruffington:.