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He is depressed and confused until he finds Jesus, calls him Abba, and leaves home to follow Him.

Those with limited verbal ability experience the world as a series of sensations and emotions, and react rather decidedly when they are either repulsed or attracted to a person. My daughter Christina, who has Down syndrome, makes up her mind instantly whether a person is trustworthy and I have found her judgment remarkable. These singular individuals see with their hearts, rather than their eyes and are less likely to be misled, as Judas was, by externals.

Even St Peter is less in tune with Christ than Jotham, who from the first minute he encounters Christ, and sees the light in Him and follows him wholeheartedly.


Only Our Lady emanates the same type of light which Jotham sees in her Son, and he immediately bonds with her, as he senses the love of his mother in her and calls her Mama. Jotham merely wants to bask in this light, which he sees more clearly than all the other disciples because of his pure soul: At times this book brought me to tears as it unveiled the astonishing spiritual truth; that you do not need to employ your intellect to know Jesus, you only need to open your heart.

Powers is not content to leave Jotham as helpless observer as the other disciples were, but, because of his disability, he becomes an active participant in the salvific suffering of Christ. He suffers the same type of derision, abuse, and rejection Our Lord experiences and responds with the same forgiving love. Providence College Theology Professor Dr.

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Paul Gondreau, whose disabled son Dominic was embraced by Pope Francis before the eyes of the world on Easter Sunday explains it this way,. Our stony hearts are transformed into this Christ-like love, and thereby empowered to change hatred into love, only through the Cross.

Jotham reading his Momma Momma book

And no one shares in the Cross more intimately than the disabled. Jotham was a contemporary with the prophets Isaiah , Hosea , Amos , and Micah , by whose advice he benefited. Biblical chronology for the two Israelite kingdoms in the 8th century BC are both profuse and perplexing. Some of the reign lengths or synchronisms are given from the start of a sole reign, while others are given from the start of a coregency, or, in the case of Pekah, from the start of a rival reign.

Thiele maintained that the key to understanding these records lies in a proper appreciation of the growing threat from Assyria that both kingdoms faced.

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Meanwhile, Menahem, ruling in Samaria, sent tribute to Tiglath-Pileser Biblical Pul [9] in order to "strengthen his hold on the kingdom," 2 Kings When Jotham began his rule in Judah his reign was synchronized with that of Pekah and not with Menahem , although both were then on their thrones. This points to close Judean ties with Pekah than with Menahem, and a common resistance against the Assyrian threat could well have been the cause.

These synchronisms of II Kings No scribe of a later period unacquainted with the historical details of the time would, or could, have invented them. In Judah, the growing Assyrian pressure strengthened the hand of those who sought accommodation to the enemy from the north, resulting in a change of leadership:. In and Tiglath-pileser was again in the northwest, in the regions of Mount Nal and Urartu.

The Book of Jotham

Many in Judah would no doubt think that the time had come to submit or be crushed. In it is altogether likely that a pro-Assyrian group felt itself strong enough to force Jotham into retirement and to place Ahaz on the throne. Thiele therefore explained the reason for the complexity of the chronological data for this time by taking into account the historical background. He then found that the regnal years for Judah and Israel that can be constructed from the Biblical texts fit into the known movements of the Assyrian kings during this time.

The calendars for reckoning the years of kings in Judah and Israel were offset by six months, that of Judah starting in Tishri in the fall and that of Israel in Nisan in the spring. For Jotham, the Scriptural data allow the narrowing of the beginning of his coregency with Uzziah as occurring some time in the six-month interval on or following Nisan 1, BC.

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In terms of Judean reckoning, this would be in the year that started in Tishri of BC, i. His sole reign began in the year that started on Tishri 1, BC, and its end was in the six-month interval that started on Nisan 1, BC, i. His death occurred in the year that started in Tishri, BC. In the mids a very important bulla showed up on the antiquities market.

A bulla is a flattened lump of hardened clay bearing the impression of a seal. They were used to seal papyrus documents. The papyrus would be folded and tied with a string. A soft lump of clay would then be placed on the string and impressed with a signet ring or pendant bearing the seal of the sender.

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The clay would harden, thus securing the contents of the document. The back of the bulla still bears the imprint of the papyrus it once sealed, as well as the double string which held it together. It even contains a fingerprint on the left edge. Like many bullae, it was preserved due to fire.

When a city was burned by an invading army, it would cause the destruction of most artifacts, but would cause the bullae to be preserved.