REALIST NEWS - Nice Litecoin Rally and Main Stream Article on LitePay Coming this week?

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Join Coinbase to get into the Crypto game: Do you think litepal which makes me think of PayPal will maybe bring in a agreement with Amazon or eBay. I'd love to get in but I don't wanna throw away money. Thanx for the info!! Unbelievable Charlie lee single handedly manipulated the litecoin market. He got uk express to publish an article about a litecoin visa which was not even correct then tweeted it.

Perhaps the friends at work are so scared because realist newsnice litecoin rally and main stream article on litepay coming this week are investing money they can't afford to invest??? Ur an arrogant prick anymore man, sic the dogs on me, yeah yeah,…but I know it's not just me. I'm not looking to argue, but always remember,…if 3 people tell ya you got a tail.

I used to make the same mistake of buying whats in the green constantly Jay but never again. NO I waited, wasn't sure bought more btc. I remember Jsnip say get in, get in before it goes higher. Thanks Joe for continually sounding the alarm to BUY.

I got into crypto the last week of november. Charlie Lee retweeted what your talking about jsnip so this has some element of truth. I doubt he would retweet that if it was not true. Could this be the start of the unbelievable gains the physic guy was talking about for the 8th, all these people that got in at this last dip would definitely feel like winning the lottery.

I'll be glad to get my litepaycard to purchase on coinbase because BOA has shut down all crypto exchanges from credit card as of today. Or just add fiat to load up on lite coin. This guy is an idiot: Hey Joe, should everyone keep holding silver another 6 years? The consumer seems to be at a disadvantage using this system. The consumer still has to sell their Litecoin and convert it to USD before making a purchase with their LitePay card can be done for free at many exchanges.

What I'm getting at is that the consumer is still using the credit card network, and why? LitePay still doesn't make sense to me for consumers. Not trying to shit on anyone's parade—this is an excellent concept and a fantastic innovation, but as it stands now, I don't see the usefulness to the everyday consumer.

I didn't like the idea that an advertising token co. I have been bitching about how low LTC has been but after seeing the potential I want it to stay this way longer Soni can gather some more. Your email address will not be published.

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Sign ups coming soon. LitePay is great for merchants who want to accept Litecoin, but is useless for consumers. Umh, I upped it toDent…. BitGo supports litepay now, not Visa… Just saying…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address realist newsnice litecoin rally and main stream article on litepay coming this week not be published.

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